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Nov 25, 2012 7:00pm EST
in the state of california that applies the standards to the california universities. but the private universities are bound by their own the promise. yale and harvard across the country promised freedom of speech in the language and these are enforceable contracts in most states in the union particularly massachusetts and new york by the way that is enforced and promises but it's not just the legal enforceability it is the moral power, and believe me, i know this from experience columbia, harvard, yale do not like being called off when they violate their own promises and the freedom of speech. america has been a little bit more about it and that is why it is good to step up the argument. it is harder. it is a harder road but you are holding them against their own values and people in that university you know they are wrong. but it is the harder fight and definitely to stay in touch with them to help you fight. >> i'm also at the american university. you have mentioned a lot about the cases in the universities that violated the free-speech law. canion and the universities that have mo
Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
. the first amendment applies to public colleges, not private. and the california it permits the standards but private universities are bound. yale and harvard promise freedom of speech to cooling language and those are forcible contracts in massachusetts and in new york. not just legally enforceable but the moral power. from columbia and harvard and yale you do not like being called out for violating their own promises. america has been more shoulder shrugging about it and it is good to step up the argument but you hold them against their own values and people know those are wrong. it is a harder fight. >> i am also said american university and however violated free-speech in the that as of model codes from the first amendment? >> we rate colleges with the system i came up with when it was still a little organization for red light no light or agreed night. these university is really bad the others may say it may not stand up anchor but it is not the worst. is we have 16 green light colleges right now. that is all. that is a little disturbing. but they include dartmouth for example. dartmo
Nov 18, 2012 6:00am EST
where stanford california is and i went to berkeley to get away from stanford. i study political theory and then i was hired by a man i was working for as an assistant why was a student, robert, who at that time, he brought in and worked there for a while. i guess the rest is in history but anyway, that's a bit of early backer spent and i want to get in this comment from jill. jill tweets in, what influence do you think mr. hitchens writing had on shaping women's history in america and the world? >> i'm not sure i know that he was the most egalitarian, seriously a bloke i have a new. he was absolutely, he thought of women and men as complete equals. he wrote a piece for "vanity fair," why women aren't funny. at it was one more assignment and he wrote it. and if you actually read it, it doesn't actually, the article doesn't say what the title might imply. he was so nonsexist for a guy who was such a man's man, and so loved by women. he was very charismatic. women adored him, but he didn't let the sexual card at all. so i don't know what, i don't know if he has a place in quote women's hi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3